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Ghost routine - Text game ( Mid Game)
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Author:  Sazzrahman [ Sun May 31, 2020 6:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Ghost routine - Text game ( Mid Game)

While chatting with her late night mid game :

Get her a bit scared by telling her a ghost story or creating a horror inducing statement like

Ask her if she sleeps alone and if she does you will get better results

Ask her hey have you watched any horror movie recently. She will start recalling it falling in the trap. Then you are gonna tell her a horror movie summary which is gonna terrify her real. I use the "The other side of door" movie summary because its underrated and gives great thrills to any girl i use it upon.

She will be scared by now and will jump on you more seeking some petting.

Make comments like

"the demon is behind you.. dont look back.. just look right.. left.. down, but dont look back it hates being seen"


"you gonna feel a furry hand coming from down of your bed and scratch his nails slowly on your feet hahahaa.."

then maybe escalate from here with....

" the ghost is behind you.. she : blah blah i am scared.. you : the ghost is wrapping you in his arms tucking his chin on your shoulders."

Girls loves foreplay.

Suggestions are welcome.

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