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PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2019 9:20 pm 
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Hi everybody ,

I wanted to make this post to share my experience on pick up and all the stuffs that I've been learning both infield and by searching on the internet .

Here's the reality : "Pick up and seduction doesn't work"

Yes you have heard it right , it doesn't work . Well let me rephrase it : "It doesn't work that well" .

Let's be honest . What are the pitfalls of pick up and of being a pick up artist ?

Here's the pitfalls that I've seen in my own experience and in what I've seen in others peoples :
- Approach anxiety at first . And most of the time the approach anxiety is still there if yous top yourself for some time .
- Fight during the conversation with the women . Which means the guy try to get the girl to do stuffs and she try to resist it sometimes nicely or not by thworing shit tests and resistances
- Getting tons of flakes after taking her phone number or tons of flakes for dates
- Needing to do a lot of approaches to convert womens into dates and even more into sex .

I don't know for you but having to approach and do all that work is for me is something that I just can't stand and if it was for great results , I would understand but most of the time , the results are simply mediocre . So what is the solution ?

The solution is to work on what really matters . Have you ever had that situation happening to you when basically all the girls that you want don't want you and the girls that you don't care about seem to be very attracted by you . Have you used pick up skills to get those girls attracted to you ? The answer is NO !

Have you ever seen a guy really successful with womens ? Most of the time this guy doesn't seem like he is trying very hard at all . Most of the time laid back guys have much more success with womens .

There is a brend new way which has been exposed years ago about how to get womens to chase you . A brend new way that can totally revolutionnaze your view on pick up and all that shit .

If you want more information , you can reach out to me on DM .

Bye guys

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