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Dealing with rumours/taks/gossip close to your girl?
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Author:  Sasomange [ Mon Jan 27, 2020 12:23 am ]
Post subject:  Dealing with rumours/taks/gossip close to your girl?

Ok, I already wrote this but I didnt copy so I will try to keep it short.

Was in a relationship with a dominant and manipulative girl, kinda left me scarred (in addition to having social anxiety because childhood trauma and shit yada yada).

I was depressed, melanholic so I started working on myself. One of the things I picked were Max's and Todd's courses.

Had a rough start when just started approaching - had some really bad and awkward encounters. But I picked my pace up and increased my confidence and reduced my anxiety (thanks Pua)

Now - I managed to get a really cute and nice girl, and weve been together for close to two months. The issue is that she is in charge of a huge NGO in our city, and some (I counted 2-3) girls that I approached are members of that NGO. All of that happened like 6-9 months ago but I still cringe when I remember some of those encounters. I think I might came out as weird and clingy back then and I dont wtan that my GF catches that vibe.

So, how to behave and act ? - my girl calles me to parties that her NGO organizes but I'm kinda reluctant to go.

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