The Chatroom Rules (updated: MAY 8 2016)

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PUA Chatroom Rules
1. No flaming. This includes insulting people or their beliefs in a non-constructive manner. Respect the life style choices of others including their beliefs, sexual orientation, ethnicity and anything similar.

2. Be lawful. No discussion of anything illegal. This includes drugs (including marijuana), under age girls ( under 18 ) and any other illegal activities - all laws are based on the standard laws of the USA and NOT as the laws in your area of the world.

3. No advertising without explicit permission from the site owner.

4. Be open to constructive criticism. Always be constructive (refer to rule #1)

5. No Pornography.

6. No Trolling (general stupid behaviour that is seen to be annoying people on purpose)

7. No Spamming - This includes posting lots of pictures in quick succession

8. In order to be allowed in the chat room, you must have at least one post on the forum. An introduction thread in the "Introduce Yourself" board is recommended.

9. No misogyny (woman-hating)
We understand that you might feel bitter from previous bad experiences with women, but misogyny will not do you any good. Harboring a general sense of contempt for an entire group of people is mentally unhealthy as well as unethical, and will not be tolerated on this site. You're free to express any reasonable frustrations about anonymous individuals, but please refrain from expressing any hatred or contempt for women as a whole. The only exception to this rule is if you're constructively discussing your misogynistic views with an honest and open-minded intent to fix them.

10. If it is clear that you are ignoring something that a mod said or asked directly to you, you will be kicked from the chat room. Subsequent violations will result in a permanent ban from the site.

Kicked from the room- An ejection for 15 minutes from the chat
  • Think about what you were saying and/or how you are saying it. Is the topic inappropriate for the chat room? Are you flaming another member, using inappropriate language, or being derogatory? Which of the forum rules are you violating?
  • No topic is that worth it to get all worked up about. Take a breather and come back with a fresh outlook. Again, if you have any questions about the way things are being handled or you are unsure what you are doing that is causing a problem ask the moderator in a private chat session.
Temporarily banned from site- You have been temporarily banned from the site by a moderator.
  • If the ban is a result of trolling, flaming, or something the moderator deems in poor taste, the first ban will last up to 3 days. Moderators will decide during this time what happens if you continue to break the rules, including longer ban times or being permanently banned on next offense. If the ban is result of talking about illegal things, advertising, pornography, or spamming, it is up to the moderator if it is a permanent ban the first offense.
*Moderators can and will use judgment to assess if material posted by members follows laws, humanity, are constructive in nature, and
adhere to good taste, even if it is not explicitly stated in the above rules.

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