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First I am going to present myself. I studied 2 years of psychology and read many self help books. I worked as a salesman and a hacker (I know social engineering) and I finished the game Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude. No I am joking. I have 6 months of experience in pick ups.. I do day game.. I had over 100 approaches that failed before coming with the recent model that guruanteed me a number close. I have been a social inept and had bad confidence problems until recently. The model is inspired by the psychology that I learned, Mystery method, Gamblers method and other pua methods that I observed on youtube (RSD, Justin Wayne and David Wygant.).

Books that I read recently female psychology, male psychology and the art of persuasion (all by psychologists that have their statements backed up by research), The Game & Rules of Game (Both books by Style). I also read the layguide (By Style), the mystery method (By Mystery) and the natural guide (By Gambler).

Okay, so mid game is when you passed the few initial hurdles. It is about building rapport and building connection ( connection is not necessarily a rapport). The conversation should be 50%/50% at this stage.
If it isnt 50/50..use a back up routine to build some comfort (I use the strawberry routine),, you can kino a bit more. If I dont use a routine, I may use 3 riddles or 2 jokes, and kino if I least hi five.

The conversation can be about her or about can be spontaneous, so it doesnt have to be structured.

For this stage you may need a cheat sheet.
Do this:
-Write 10 stories about yourself. The stories need to be moderately interesting. Each story needs to last for 10 mins considering that it was uninterrupted (same as if recorded yourself).
My Stories (Sorry for the presentation format, I took them from my cheat sheet):
1) Travelling -> Russia, UK, Israel, France and Italy.
2) Career -> 3 year uni, 3 year unemployed, Porn webmaster, Hacker.
3) Interests -> Music, Movies, Magazines, Books (MMMB).
4) World Philosophy -> Evolution vs God, Vegan vs non-vegan, Socialism vs Capitalism.
5) Happiness ( Life Coaching book that I read about Goal orientation and happiness).
6) MA (martial arts) & Body Building.
7) Video Games & Video game Addiction.
8) Child vs Adult Experience.
9) Family Relationship/Experience.
10) Isolation, Depression and my Personality.

- 3 Riddles.

- 2 Jokes.

- 1 Routine (or 2 small routines).

- Several Qualifiers (Basically, what do you want a woman to have).

- Sexual Story or anectode.

- Life coaching book to help you get out of the depression/stress you are in and start having a rich lifestyle.

Okay. So first I want to note that there are two types of rapports. A shallow and a deep one. A shallow rapport could happen if I meet someone from my home town that I used to live and talk about things that I experience there..she would nod/smile or do whatever to see that she understands you..basically she is on the same wavelength as you are. A deep rapport is when you talk with a person about relationships, inner feelings (e.g. you against the world) and your or her own personality in an intimate or interesting manner.
My 10th and 8th stories are more likely to establish deep rapport than my 1st and 2nd stories..dont you agree?

So what do you do with those stories after you have them? Dont start telling all of them. Make an exercise to tell it to anyone, so you practice making them engaging an interesting. For example, I use people on the internet to connect to with one story only. Research shows that connecting with people internet is hard. Because relationships on the internet are mostly superficial.. Hence, it would be wise to practice this task and not simulate this whole stage or the whole pick up on targets straight away. Same as a soldier doesnt, simulate a war each time, but only practices bits of the combat/survival.

Those stories aim is not necessarily to get you to tell them all.. you can (as I said to build a deep/shallow rapport). They are to keep you talking for more than 1 hour. 10 minutes per each story is 100 minutes which is 1 hour and 40 minutes. And consider that if the target interrupts, few stories can last for some time. So you can get a conversation of 2 hours easily if you practice telling your stories.
But as I said they arent used so much as stories but as topics. You can easily create multithreaded conversation or prolong the conversation when bouncing (important concept in this stage) or build on what she told you, I am sure she has a world philosophy together with interests, hobbies and family relationship history.

In this stage you need the conversation to flow naturally. Link one topic to another. If you talked about a career for example, link it having a holiday abroad. You want to encourage her to talk too. So instead of asking her, where do you travel when you work? ask .. most people travel at least after working 3 years? is it true, do you agree? why not?
What did I do in that example?
Ans: I made a mistake (or a guess or assumption).. Humans in their nature correct mistakes..this is how you extract sensitive information if you are a hacker or a spy (social engineering). You dont convery interest and you dont grill her.. Grilling someone or conduction a job interview is boring.. cause it is predictable and she was most likely to have been asked those questions. How would you like to go to a movie and in the middle of it, you discover that half or most of it was ripped from another movie?

Introduce part of the topic and let her make the question. That technique is used by some good pick up artist. Again instead of grilling her.. Say a this.. I used to hack my friends computer 15 time s a year at different locations.... than shut up..Most likely she will ask you why or what did you do? She completed your story for you.. and the conversation is interactive. Isnt that great? Isnt it better than, telling your full hacking if she cares talking about someone she doesnt know and about a topic she knows nothing about? That technique can be applied in this stage for at least 20-15%.. it doesnt telegraph interest and is not the listener doesnt have to sit and listen for a person for 70% of the time.

As you noticed so far the topics/stories are a bit boring. Because they are about yourself and what you did, instead about people and relationships, which are naturally more interesting to women.

Make your stories/topics/threads descriptive. Descriptive way of telling convey your personality..and that is interesting to women, as they feel your vibe and personality. Women produce a hormone that is called estrogen, that hormone makes them read body language better than thats the reason. Descriptive stories or topics also convey more interest.. it is boring to talk about species of dogs or broad subjects..but a descriptive and detailed story about some species of dogs and some particular behaviors that effects the aggression in other dogs and small babies.. is more interesting... dont you notice the big difference between..a broad and shallow topic than a specific, descriptive and detailed topic.
Descriptive topics also avoid the womens detection system of reading facial features. It is like releasing a decoy to a homing missile. Descriptive and detailed story usually leads to more difficult attempt to track the false details and it leads to cognitive distraction which is important in persuasion.

Try to use NLP in part of your stories. Womens memories focus also on the emotions she experiences not only on your words. So to prevent later flakes.. use good body language and powerful words/descriptions.

Okay, so now you should have enough to talk about without having awkward pauses. If you are a good at this, you should last for at least 40 mins without asking about her anything (If you are the guy who doesnt want to telegraph interest). That should be a good number close. - I field tested it.
Remember, body language, confidence, fluency of the conversation is more important than the quantity that you talk. That is true even for the last part of number close.

If you dont close, or dont want to close.. bounce to a different location talk about her... you already created a few threads, so relate them to her. In the new location, make her a comfortable again by saying a joke, a riddle, routine. Qualify her there, and say that you are such a fun person to talk to..few girls are like her. Here I would, tell her a story about my family relatinships and how I never connected to them. Then I would qualify her saying that you appreciate her for her values...Try to establish a deeper rapport here..kino more and do a kiss close if you want or can (you can do a compliancy test to discover).

Note the usage of the 10 story is of the last resort, you are running of things to say when you use each one..and you put more effort in telling each one and link it to the other.. Try to pick on things that the girl said, laugh at them or at playful and funny. In this stage you dont need to be the entertaining monkey as you were at the beginning.. when you had to come up with thought provoking stuff like routines/riddles/psychological tests/Interactive stories. During the second part of the interaction, you can use minimum canned material.. about 5%.. and be natural.

Okay so this is the end. The last remark, is that this structure doesnt have to be like that. Some confident guys, may speed up things while others might prolong things. For example, some could use a sexual story to keep a woman think about a sex more (I use the porn webmaster story..something that I fabricated mostly ..lolz). The principles of this stage are important.

To sum up. Hold the conversation, by making it interactive or non-interactive for 40 mins at least. Dont you gambits (tricks, riddles, anectodes, routines)... Your goal is not to build attraction. If you feel you regress tell 3 riddles or 2 jokes or a short routine and even neg her a a teasing way. As the conversation matures, be more natural..dont use or even re-use your 10 stories. You dont know when you will need them.. once they are used.. you could start a new topic based on what was told (As Mystery's multithreading principle works). Dont use the stories that you used to build attraction (such as describing interesting psychological articles, describing how cool it was to hack someone, something religious/mystical that you saw on television and any hyper interactive stories that seem like a routine).

Once this first part of the comfort stage is passed.. she is less likely to disengage with you and you may invest less on confident body language and on leadership. Just make the conversation interesting and playful for both of you. Use a bit push pull strategy, a bit play role.

Then reveal more information about yourself and herself..ask her questions..qualify her..try to tell a story about your family relationship or relationships at all..say that she is unique as she has values that few other people had in your life..something that makes you feel more connected.

Then try to do a the "Mystery Kiss close" Routine.

As I am new to this and I am 30, although I did my research please save me from being to AFC to being a master xD

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