Girl in office attracted to me but no deep rapport

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:20 am 
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I have this single girl from office who is good looking but not great. She is intelligent and has got AFCs trying to get her at work. But she is a pushover, not adventurous.

She doesn't hang out with other girls much but is seen only with multiple guys at any given time.

Initially I did some C&F shit, social proofing, story telling and got her attention. She gives lot of IOIs and doesn't resist when I do some minor kino .

There is another guy in office who is a natural C&F and has got good rapport with her as he sits beside her at work. He acts busy even when he is not. Tries to stand out among the other men at work. Does lot of C&F on this girl and others in general. Classic AMOG stuff. But he doesn't do kino at all. Tries to be "hard to get" always. He is an amateur AMOG and I used some AMOG destroyers (I pick on him whenever he pretends to be busy, I say out loud that he is a playboy etc.,) and he usually keeps silence whenever I try to use AMOG destroyers

Coming to this girl, given the IOIs I think she is fairly attracted towards me. I also have some feeling that she has decent attraction towards the AMOG guy. This girl tries to make me jealous by talking to the AMOG and other guys. This is funny. Whenever she sees that I am talking to some other gal in office she reciprocates by engaging in conversations with other men or going with other AFCs and the AMOG for a walk the same time I go out for a smoke with my buddies.

I always create some situation to get engaged in conversation with her. I guess she does too. So last week i wanted to take it to the next level. I called her up and opened with some C&F shit and then arranged a meetup during the weekend on the pretense that i want to buy some gift for a friend for which i needed her advice.

She agreed that we could meet at 11am on Saturday.

On saturday around 8am she texts me on watsapp that she has some other important thing that has come up and asks me to call her up as soon as i wake up. I pretended to not have read that message and pretended to wake up at 10.45am and after some time i text her back that it's fine that it's we are not able to meet and that another friend of mine (a girl) was willing to help me in the gift buying thing.

I call her in the evening and we do some talking and the next monday in office i acted as if i didn't care about the flake which she did bring up. I made up some C&F stuff about her that she had a date with Tom cruise.

Since then she started giving lot of IOIs like when we talk she doesn't take her eyes off. I do some push & pull constantly. I do some triangular gazing when we talk. Whenever I am around she acts different. After lunch in office she usually goes out for a walk with the AMOG and 2 other AFCs. She asked me once if i could join but i said i had some work (because i didn't want to be one of those guys in the group). She doesn't ask now-a-days.

So now the problem is what i should do to build deep rapport with her. She never asks about my personal stuff although she does tell about the family n stuff every now and then. So i feel there clearly is no deep rapport between us.

My biggest problem is building rapport in the PUA game. I have no problem in opening up random girls and doing the initial negs, C&Fs, push pulls, openers, story telling etc., but when it comes to rapport I have failed miserably. After the attraction stage i am stuck as to how much C&F needs to be used, how much push & pull should i do or whether I could start complying to her requests etc.,

I know there r tons of patterns for getting out things like what she likes/dislikes etc., But i don't fundamentally understand why we need to know what she likes/dislikes because if we start liking/disliking what she does then it's DLV if i understand correctly.

Also I am not an online gamer especially SPAM/fb because I haven't had much success in online pickups.
So i don't use SPAM/fb much.

Any thoughts how i could improve my game especially with this girl?

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why we need to know what she likes/dislikes because if we start liking/disliking what she does then it's DLV if i understand correctly.
Where the heck did you get this idea? I have never heard that at all and I've read a lot of stuff. It's precisely the opposite. Being knowledgeable about what she is interested in makes you HV.
You need to tell her intriguing new things about the topics she is already interested in. Get into her head via the interests that are already in her head.

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