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PostPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:06 pm 
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I'm a novice dancer in bachata and okay Guy in afrobeat and just dancing in general that I get compliments on it(by black, Caribbean guys and girls).
But I'm not used to grinding but I can wine with the best of em.

There was a university club event that happened some time back and I got rejected by half the club. Some of them because they had boyfriends but 1 girl really wanted to dance with me but had a bf.
Also I get a higher rejection rate from white girls. This in France so girls can be bit tricky.

Danced with some acquaintances of mine couldn't use that for preselection.
So I guess this counts as a social game not night/club game?

I was having fun and usually I hold my hand out for the girl but then get rejected.
Next time I was planning on getting a high five and then working that it a spin and then dancing together, I believe Chase Amante or one of his writers came up with that.

Anyway any advice or tips, what works or gets you good results?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 5:49 am 
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Mario! Best advice I can give you is dress to impress when at the club. I mean wear your nice jeans, nice shirt and nice shoes. When I say that I don’t mean wear a full on suit or look too fancy. Keep it nice and casual. I’m an Asian American living in the states and I admit I do have the disadvantage but I don’t let that get to me. The best advice is read and recognize the girl you want to go for. The best ones are the girls that came with other girls because those who has a bf will bring them to the club for the most part. Most guys are circling and creeping these girls and aren’t gonna do shit. If you find the girl who looks single just shoot your shot with them. I tend to walk to a girl and dance next to her and tell her something like “you almost hit me but since you’re cute you can do it again” I say it up close to her bubble because the club is loud. You got to read signs that if she laughs at you then she will let you shoot your shots with her. I then hug her and compliment her drink, nails, or something just to get a vibe with her and also make her laugh by telling stupid jokes. Also you doing that will eliminate the creepers who’s preying on her at the club so then I would joke that this weirdo was eyeing you all weird and im there to save you haha. She then will laugh and just play it smooth to ask her to dance with you or since you have her in your arms chances are she might be already dancing with you. You don’t have to be a pro grinder because I’m not a pro too. I’ve been in the club scenes many times so I know the tips and tricks from my experience

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