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Looking for wing Chicago Suburbs
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Author:  InputLite90 [ Mon Oct 29, 2018 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking for wing Chicago Suburbs


My names Vik, I was born in Poland, moved to the states when I was 9, had a GF throughout high school, drank a lot, partied every weekend... Eventually I broke up with the GF and started taking my career more seriously. Time passed and I've dated a few girls (but nothing serious) and now I find my self 28 with no GF. It sucks.

I'm into sports, I'm addicted to NBA basketball and I just signed up to Xsport. I want to find someone to go out with, explore, and meet women. Someone who can motivate me to get off my ass and do it. I don't have any lines or any go-to conversations, which I think I should, so I run out of things to talk about pretty fast. I'm very logical and goal oriented. I'm aware of Mystery and his methods, painting an attractive picture and building rapport both physically and emotionally. I just want a GF who's attractive, fun to talk to and intelligent. 

I'm not overly awkward but my conversations with girls tend to go in one of two ways(obviously I'm being mega critical of my self and it's not JUST this, but) :
She talks... I agree and say "That's good"... I ask questions about her, her family,  job... then it gets quiet. (I need ideas of good questions to get to know her) ...So I ask questions and try to say things that are aligned with her point. I just need to go out more.

I live with my parents, have a car... I don't have a job but I'm studying for various AWS(Amazon Web Services) certificates to become an Architect responsible for setting up and managing businesses IT environments. I'm pretty good at it. I focus on work too much. In my free time I play video games(League of Legends, Call of Duty) and spend a lot of time at home, which I want to change to going out. I've been trying to go on dates with girls of Tinder, Plenty Of Fish and Hinge but it goes like this: A. They either take 6 hours to respond to my texts, or B. They stop texting. I'm talking to one girl who I'm trying to take to see a movie but she's always at work or school. I'm into younger girls(21-27). I like shorter girls. Has to have a nice face. Everything else is ok as long as she's not a whale.

So that's it. I live near Schamburg and if you're interested in meeting me post below. I'm open to all activities(Beer, Sports, Hookah, etc). I'd honestly like to build my social circle and get laid. I'm down to talk about game theory, ways that work and routines, and hear your experiences and advice. I want to be a ladies man. 

Hit me up.



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