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Girl has been cold with me, stopped texting for a week, now she texts asking why I haven’t talked to her.
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Author:  teeDog4444 [ Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:42 am ]
Post subject:  Girl has been cold with me, stopped texting for a week, now she texts asking why I haven’t talked to her.

Brazilian girl who I met on 4 dates already has been cold with me lately. She is always moody. Gives out about her life. I cant seem to break the ice with her. I asked her once if we can exchange Instagram, she starting teasing me about it, thinking I am curious, etc., then said that the 3 times we met she thought I was really insecure and untrustworthy of her. Really weird thing to say, I told her it was fucked up. I think she was just projecting her own problems in response to me asking her. Didn't text for like 5 days. Then texted alot, trying to help her with work situations, etc.. I might of gotten stuck in the friendzone here. Next time we met, she started showing off her Instagram account, some pictures, etc. I though she was trying to tease me on it because she rejected my request to connect on Instagram. I tried touching her jacket sleave to hold her hand a few times, she kept moving it away. Then she brought up her ex, and I had a freak out, and asked her being defensive, "why the fuck would you bring that subject up?". She took my reaction badly. Next day I apologised for it and told her I was a little bit jealous. Truth is I got paranoid that she was trying to fuck around. So we chatted briefly and she changed the subject. Hadn't spoken to her for a week until now, as she texted to ask if I was not speaking to her anymore, asking if I felt shamed. I told her I have nothing to be ashamed of and that I was just busy, taking some time for myself. Don't know what my next move is, I feel like unloading my thoughts on her, on how I think she is damaged. I haven't kissed her yet or anything as she has been cold with me.

Any suggestions to get it moving? Or is it a dead horse?

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