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How to "just go for it" ?
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Author:  Bobby bouche [ Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:17 am ]
Post subject:  How to "just go for it" ?

So I was hanging with friends this weekend and one of his girlfriend's brought her gorgeous redhead friend over who I've met before once or twice (she always has a bf). We were swimming and all my hard work in the gym was finally paying off because she was totally checking me out....

I made a point to go sit next to her every chance I got and we talked a bunch about her job, music, random shit. I fall somewhere ever so lightly on the Asperger's/autism scale so im not much of a conversationalist and I get nervous and my mind goes blank except for "don't say anything stupid" but I think I did pretty well because she was constantly giving me good signs. The problem was that I found out she has a boy toy and had no idea what I should do.

She was telling the group about a nasty fight they got into before she came and she kept looking me in the eyes while telling the story almost like she wanted me to know it wasn't a serious relationship. She even went as far as to call him her " guy thing" or something along those lines as if to say that she wasn't sure what they were really.

We hit it off a little more and the next day she offered me a ride home. When we got there I showed her the puppies my dog just had and awkwardly offered a few dollars for taking me home.im 23 and living at home so I couldn't invite her inside or anything. I just want opinions...

Was she just being nice because we had an obvious attraction to each other that she didn't wanna act on due to the boy toy and maybe she's letting me know she's Interested if things don't work out?

Or did she want me to make a move?

My buddy says i might have to " just go for it" but what does that even mean? I didn't wanna make myself look dumb or desperate but was I really just being afraid if rejection or am I playing it smart?

Author:  Guyfromcali [ Thu Sep 05, 2019 5:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: How to "just go for it" ?

Hey Bobby!

I been in your situation before bro and it can be overthinking. Here’s the thing if a girl is into you. I have this method called the 3 touch rules. If she touches you 3 times such as (feeling your arms, hitting your chest, or holding on to your hand for more than 2-3 seconds when you high five her) for example then she’s into you. If she’s laughing at you and engaging a conversation with you then she likes you. With the 3 times touch rule I will tend to test it out even more such as giving her a hug, complimenting her, and even holding her hands and she’s holding back then again that’s a sign. If those things do happen go for the kiss or heck make her go for it such as the hitch move such as 90/10 rules (ps that move does work) hope this will help you out dude

Author:  Bobby bouche [ Thu Sep 05, 2019 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How to "just go for it" ?

Hey thanks a lot for the reply man. I was doing some thinking and reading and I came to the conclusion that I wussed out and played it too safe. I should have totally been trying to kino tf out of her all night then get her alone and go for the kiss. I knew this after she offered me a ride home.

As I said I couldn't invite her in because she had a long drive and my family was home and I kinda feel like I blew it. There is a music festival coming up in a few weeks I might snag a ticket to because I know she'll be there and I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to play my lack of physical escalation last time on her boy thing by asking how they are doing in a playful manner...

I mean, she wouldn't be using him as a shit test or anything so I don't think this is a situation where I'd need to ignore the notion entirely is it? I was planning on using straw man if she says they are still together and if not I'd
smile and say something like " I'm sure he'll regret that eventually".

Or should I just pretend like nothing happened and go from small talk to kino escalation?

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