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Cock tease or am i being a wuss?
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Author:  ace293 [ Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:44 am ]
Post subject:  Cock tease or am i being a wuss?

Kind of a frustrating situtation going on lately, pretty sure a few of you can relate.

There's a hot girl at work (married) that keeps texting me for a while now, initially started with some casual talk, but we escalated to weekend texting, slight flirting etc. Given the situation i tried to keep things low-key, but eventually i started picking up speed and become responding more.

She started sending me pictures of her working out, or when in holidays with friends, seeking validation perhaps. Things started escalating more, and i was getting the impression that something will go down eventually.

Usually meet with colleagues, and we d have some alone-time usually, during which there is a good connection and tension. When she leaves she'd always text saying she would like company and other BS. When i try to push things a bit further, she would pull back. I wasnt pushing too hard but definitely gave the hint that i m up for shit. Next morning she was normal again and next night she would do the same.

i ve got plenty of options, no complaints, but this one is getting on my nerves-would def like to pin her down hard and then just take it of my mind

What's the story here, am i being too lame, and should push harder? or just being played for attention and nothing would ever happen regardless of what i try?

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