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Relativity Theory
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Author:  tobehonest [ Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Relativity Theory

One thing I'm good at is connection one thing to the next in a conversation. When I approach a girl, I look to see if she has tattoos, what she's wearing, and what she's doing. Is it short and revealing, is it RED(A color I've known girls wear when they want attention, especially to that area, thongs for example.) is it nerdy star wars tattoos? Is it artistic, what does she have on that SHE likes. You start a conversation, or rather a conversation piece about that article of clothing, her jewelry, or tattoos.

Again, if she has a tattoo like Star Wars and she has no idea what it is, excite her, WOW YOU NEVER SEEN STAR WARS. You gotta see it! Let's have a movie night sometime? Whatever you can relate to brothers.

My recent experience I approached a girl about her tattoos, didn't see what it was. I asked her what it was.

she said "Its a geisha." I asked about her other ones. She had some glow paint tattoos, I asked if she raves.

(because I like raves, and you want to have an interesting conversation about what you want, and what interests you)

she said "no, but I really like art." So I replied, "have you been to any art museums?" She said one, and I said "I've been to that one too, what about the ones around here I heard they're really good." "No I haven't." She replied. "Would you like to go sometime? I'm trying to get some friends together to go." And closed.

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