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Did I miss out on a 3 way?
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Author:  Nassander [ Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:58 am ]
Post subject:  Did I miss out on a 3 way?

Meet a guy, exchange hi's, he taps a girl on the shoulder as she walks past, she looks at me. Immediately he does it again to the woman next to him, she looks at me, fuck it, Hey hows it going? Chatting. Tell her I'm looking to see if it's just an engagement ring, unlucky. Introduces me to her friends from work. Start dancing with her HB6 friend, who looks exactly like my best friends wife, no shit. She's keen. Cute HB7 friend joins us dancing. Asian gangsta dude asks the waitress to ask us to go dance on the dance floor, not in front of him. We can dance where ever the f... Let's go guys! I say! On the dance floor, the HB7 is joining in putting her hand on my back and bumping hips. Randomly... I've got a boyfriend. Where is he tonight? In Singapore. I just can't kiss the HB6, splitting image, so I try to number close and go find my friends. I'll be here. Like an abundant hot chick, I never return. Later while I'm chatting up another girl at the bar I see them walking out a bit shitty.

When girls say shit like this should I take it on face value?
How would you escalate from or on the dance floor?

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