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Author:  Raidion [ Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  FB/Text Game

So guys, i have an issue. Im new to the text game/FB message game. So i met a girl in a student bar. We started talking and had a lot of fun. I made plently of naggs, a few back handed compliments and a lot of physical contact. She was quite responsive, but not enough to close. I asked for her number, but got FB instead. She was a foreigner that just moved in the country. This was true, she really just moved and didnt have a local number yet. Anyway, i kinda forgot about her for 3 days. On the third day, using some advice from other threads i started talking with her on FB. Again, she was very responsive. We talked for an hour. Then to ask her out i said to her that "Later me and some friends will go to the bar. You are allowed to join us if you want." Something casual i thought. She knew my friends from the previous night where she sat all night at our table. Plus i thought i wouldn't seem too direct if i just "allow" her to tag along. She responded with "Not sure, i will see :wink: . Have fun". Didn't show up. Now, 2 days have passed and i would like to continue chatting her up but i feel that if i do (or invite her to other activities) i will just seem desperate. What should i do?

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