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PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 5:41 pm 
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Hey guys, long time no see from me, trying to get back into pickup after a long hiatus.

So I went salsa dancing last night, and I was having a really good night, I am actually a pretty good dancer, and I noticed I started to get watched and pointed at/whispered about by other girls as I was dancing. Nothing like it to make you feel like the man!

But I do have a sticking point I need to work on bad, and that is the talking part.

So like, with this one chick, I was dancing with her, and you know the dance only goes on for like maybe 5 minutes, but within those five minutes, I had "put the moves on her" with some very flirty dance moves that make it pretty obvious I find her attractive, and the flirtiness of these moves seem to put her in a compliant state (if she's feeling it, you can always tell which chicks are down and which are not pretty quickly dancing).

So in these 5 minutes we dance closed position, shes willingly pressing her tits on my chest, and im kinda rubbing my leg on her clit, all the while making it look like we are just dancing :wink: the problem I am having is AFTER the dance, I am not sure where to take it from there.

I mean, it's only been 5 minutes, sometimes I don't even know the chick's name, and at the end of the song there is this kind of "ok its over now" feeling, although in instances like this it certainly feels to both of us there is more to be said. My problem is, saying things is always where I lose it. I actually try to talk as little as possible, because the more I open my mouth the more I tend to fail.

I mean, what do you even talk about? Like I met you for 5 minutes and I was just rubbing my leg on your clit, now let's talk like we are trying to get to know eachother? That's not sexy, that kills the interaction. On the other hand, Being forward rarely seems to work, like maybe going for a kiss (although I did do that ONCE and it worked, but the chick was so compliant she literally jumped on me during a dance. She even invited me to her place a block or two away :mrgreen: . Most chicks arent that compliant though.)

So yea, any suggestions would be appreciated. I think I know what to do when the chick is 85%+ down, its the 50 to 84% range where the chick does not seem so sure that I am at a loss for.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 3:14 am 
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The dancing doesn't matter. I mean there is certain dancefloor game that can be done at clubs, but the salsa thing is different. You still need to run game and talk to the girl and build rapport. The dancing just builds attraction.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 8:41 am 
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"Let's go get a quick drink".

Then you can accuse her of trying to seduce you while you've danced.

C'mon man dancing is about 50 times harder than this. Just gotta be a bit cheeky.

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