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PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2017 11:55 pm 
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I'll get to the point but I'll put in a little background story:

So I met this girl on tinder a while back in city X, she was there temporarily for training. We go out, great first date with alot of kissing and touching.. She even wanted to give me a hand job in the bar. Second date I get the bang and third one too. Now I've been in the game for a while and I really never develop emotions towards a girl and since I also knew she was leaving the city I didn't put much effort. I knew this girl liked me because she would always tell me how handsome I am and how I'm very funny. She would also ask me why I don't have a girlfriend, or what's my sex life like, or how many girls I fucked, or why I don't cuddle or kiss her when we meet. She would also tell me any girl would love to be with a guy like you, and that in her city girls would throw themselves at me. Now I'm a good looking guy, and I know it. I even have this bad boy persona that I can play very well with alot of cocky cheesy jokes that she loved.

Anyways the girl leaves the city and goes to city Y. I did get upset for two days then went on to the next girl, also had a girl on rotation so it was kool. We didn't text or talk for like a month, then one day I make a snapchat account because a girl I met wouldn't give her number except snapchat lol so I didn't mind aslong as I would get her. A few days after that the girl that left the city adds me on Snapchat, I accept but I don't really write her anything. Then one night she sends me a naked snap of her saying I wish you were here and she keeps sending shit like that for a couple of weeks. Due to my job I move to city Y where the girl is! I text her telling her that I'm coming and that she should show me around. She was very excited and kept telling me she would love to hang out etc..

I moved to the city and we meet 3 or 4 days after coming here. Was a fun date, I kissed her and she was very fun. I tell her lets go to my place but she refused because she had work the next morning which is understandable. She says "you must hate me now" ofc I joke and say yes and turn it into a joke. The bar is closing and she says she has to go, so I told her I'll walk her to the uber. She asked what I was going to do, I told her I'll just grab a bite and head home then she changed her mind and said I'll come with you. We do some crazy shit in the street at night then have a slice of pizza, she asks about my situation and we kiss then she heads home.

She texts to make sure I'm home later that night, then we text back and forth for a couple of days. I ask her out she says she has to work in the weekends (she's oncall),I tell her np and change the topic.

A few days later she sends me a text, I didn't answer since I was busy, then a snap then another snap of her taking off her tshirt. I sent a funny comment, she usually replies with something like "OMG you kill me hahaha" but she didn't. So the next day I sent her a text her asking to meet up the next day for drinks, she doesn't reply (it was on a Wednesday). I make nothing of it and go out during the weekend chasing pussy and almost got a bang untill the girl I met had her phone stolen. The weekend is over and no reply from the girl, I send a text on sunday to see what's up. Again no reply, now this started to bother me since I don't really understand what happened.

I have experienced flakes and rejections alot like most players but this was different, I enjoyed her company. So the beta cuck side of me sends her another message but on snapchat to see what's up again on Monday. Again no reply and she didn't even open it.

I usually analyze everything to improve but here I don't see what went wrong or what happened. Why is she ignoring me when she showed so much interest.

I believe I lost her and already deleted on everything her so I don't text again but just not knowing the reason is pretty much fuckin with my head right now and would like some insight from guys that experienced the same thing.

Thanks for reading!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:29 am 
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Who knows bro. Based on the lifestyle you are living and the type of girls you are consorting with, they are probably very promiscuous and have a lot of shady stuff going on you don't even know about. These girls could be cheating on their guys, or some other better guy could come along and she drops you like a toilet seat for him. You just never know.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 10:13 pm 
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I don't care if it's another guy, I truly believe I'm a high value guy especially where I'm living now.

My problem is I'm an over thinker not just with women but with everything in life. After really thinking about it I realized my reply to her snap video must have made her feel like a slut. I've always known that this girl was always scared of my intentions, she thinks I'm a guy that just fucks around and that I'm using her. I also remember a number of times she accused me of acting a certain way or doing things that she didn't like untill I explained my intentions and then she would apologize and act positive about it.

I believe she's giving me the silent SPAM now. Usually I would just say fuck it and move. I never experienced this with any women except from my mother when I was younger and I fuckin hate it.

I'm 26 and I've only really had one real GF in my life, the rest were fun and games where I would pump and dump or FBs. So sometimes my behaviour with her would be the same way I would act with these other girls(cocky, sexual and not taking her seriously). Another problem is I'm an Arab and she's Canadian, so our rep is not the best and she even asked me a tonne of questions due to her friends warning her about us and she even confessed that she checked youtube vidz and info on the internet lol. I find it funny and cute to be honest, didn't see it as disrespectful or anything like that (I'm a chill guy that doesn't get angry or anything like that).

Anyways thanks for your reply, feels good to let it out since I don't feel like talking about this shit with friends.

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