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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:33 pm 
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So here is my two cents. I am new to the forums but not the game per say. I used to go out a lot more and recently have started up again.
I would say doing a brief survey of the game (Learn) Go out a lot and use the same approach with only minor variations (do) and then working on your sticking points in the big three (For some four) phases of pickup is more important (react). On this point I don't know why this thread got so derailed. If you really want an awesome system go OODA loop. Observe (Survey) Orient Decide (pick a few things to augment your game with) Act (Go out!)

I say do a survey because you may end up studying things that you already do naturally, that is if you study pickup like mad or over complicate things. This leads to slowing down your game as now your learning someone else's personality traits (cloning). You don't want to be a clone. It takes time and frankly your not that broken of an individual. That being said push/pull is a pretty basic concept. It's more than flirting or one pattern, it used to be called being the string in front of the kitten.

To extend this metaphor. Your the string, she's the kitten. You need to say and do things that get her heart racing just like the kitten playing. She wants you instinctively (believe that) the hard part is done for you by evolution, but the kitten gets bored when the string doesn't move, starts thinking about taking a nap. Push pull is when the string is running away or suddenly charging into her face, this is exciting. Even when you stop playing with the kitten she'll sit there crouched ready to spring into action, for a little while at least then she goes and naps. It's the anticipation that builds attraction.

So, our homework:
Pull - Showing interest in someone without giving up confidence or Alpha status, essentially a PUA's IOI.
Brainstorm 6 half way decent pulls for yourself you might have to make more to get to 6. They can be anywhere on the Emotional Intellectual Physical space but try for at least one of each. Be sure to write down (but don't over think it): Generally when do I initiate the pull? How does this fit my personality? How would this work in a situation I've already been in? How are the pulls going to feel? Generally pulls feel really scary or if you've had experience good.

Push - Showing sudden lack of interest, playing it cool. (Note I didn't say neg) If you neg her when you haven't given her a chance to behave and be a playful kitten your just hurting her feelings, and if she's smart, your chances.
Do the same exercise with the pushes

Generally pushes feel really bad or if you have experience a little exciting.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:39 pm 
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push pull happens naturally when you're being real,don't think about it

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