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PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2016 11:22 pm 
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Alright fellow PUAs, let's hear your thoughts on this current situation of mine:

After being in pick up for a while I personally feel like the time is right for me to pursue a relationship again (last LTR was from 2011-2014!!).

There's a stunning woman I've recently met and I've gone on a couple successful dates with her this past week. On the first date (last Saturday) we were making out for 30 minutes straight at the back of a bar within the first hour of the date and somehow ended up staying out until 6AM constantly stopping just to make out again. NOTE: At one point she mentioned how I should never lie to her 'cause she'll always find out, sooner or later, must have been the alcohol talking ...which I unfortunately did in the first 10 minutes when she asked me what year of university I'm in and since she's older than me by 2 years I simply said I'm in 3rd year so I wouldn't seem inadequate, whereas I'll only be starting this upcoming semester.

Our second date (the following Tuesday) was far more laid-back and chill; we explored around town and grabbed a small dinner afterwards (still lots of making out, PDA, holding hands all that good stuff) and decided to meet again this weekend.

Now, I've decided I'll come clean on this third date but have no idea how to go about it/how to minimize the chances of her potentially not wanting to see me anymore just because of this lie and my personal problem lies within the fact that I'd ideally want to pursue things with her to the point of an actual exclusive relationship, so my questions are: * how to come clean * how to escalate this to an actual exclusive relationship
TL;DR lied to this woman on the 1st date about being in 3rd year university when I'll only be starting next semester, how should i come clean on our upcoming third date and how should I escalate things towards an exclusive relationship?

THANKS a lot in advance for any advice/ideas/suggestions/help! :D

Happy to answer any questions to provide more detail

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:28 am 
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What the fuck man.. That's such an incredibly stupid thing to do. Why would you lie about something so insignificant like that?

Also why are you thinking relationship with a woman you've barely taken out twice? I get it, she's cool, but chill.
If she's so responsive, start inviting her to your place. Have sex with her. Multiple times. 3 months later when she starts poking the "What are we?" question, then you can start thinking about exclusivity.

But before all that, be a man and assume responsibility for your fuckup. Tell her about your stupid lie and accept the fact that she may not want to see you again.
Or, if you're old enough to pass for a dude in his 3rd year just tell her you decided to start a new major.

And for the love of god stop cockblocking yourself with juvenile lies.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 6:39 pm 
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1. Quit putting all your bets on what a woman says, pay attention to what she does. If she dumps you over that little white lie, that won't be the reason.

2. Quit trying to force relationships to early, that the girls job.

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