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Author:  pico1671 [ Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:29 am ]
Post subject:  text openers

hey every one i met chick at school on wednesday we talk for about half an hour then she rushes off to class. so on friday im walking around school and i walk by her and she says hi so i stop and offer to walk her to her car so by the time we reach her car and every thing seemed good so i tell her it was nice talking with her again and i hoped to see her again she said thanks and that she is sure we will see each other again so i ask her for her # and she gives it to me. so i havent called or texted her since then but i dont know what to text her. can use all the help and advice i can get thanks

Author:  dranzer [ Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Keep her intrigued

I'd send something like...

"OMG guess what just happened...."

You want to keep the first message going well and by getting her involved you can do exactly that.

hope it works out for you

Author:  jcrane5 [ Tue Dec 06, 2011 12:42 am ]
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How do you follow that up though? I always feel like I don't have a good follow up.

Author:  jdilla1 [ Tue Dec 06, 2011 8:32 am ]
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"OMG. Guess What just happened." 99% of the time the girl will respond to this. Say something funny or fun that happened to you. "I just saw a guy rob a convenience store." Or something like "Saw something that reminded me of you..." then wait a bit after she respond with "What?" Say something like, "A bum laying on the street corner... ;)" Make sure you let her know youre kidding. When it comes to talking/interacting with girls you dont know much about just show them that youre fun. Do this by flirting and teasing, but also that you do fun things and have an interesting life. This always sparks interest/attraction

Author:  J Slay [ Tue Dec 06, 2011 6:59 pm ]
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so i found this on another part of the forum. You should do research before you post bro. It makes everything easier.

(Opener) Me: Hey, want to join me on TV tomorrow?
her: Why/for what/etc?
Me: I'm going to be on the news:
her: Why/for what/etc?
me: I'm doing to rob and bank and need an accomplice, you down?
Or : me and my gang are robbing a bank on "wtv day you want to ask her out" we need another player you in?

she'll usually play along, (if no then neg her) then go with okay I'm going to need you to show up in lingerie and stilettos with a long black trench coat, can you do that?
if she responds "yes" ur good to go, get sexual and have fun or tell her you'll pick her up at wtv time.
If no then text "whos going to seduce the 70 year-old night-guard?" she'll laugh...leave her hanging

(Opener) “So I thought I just saw you, and went up to say hi, but it turned out it was this mexican girl"
(opener) What are you doing, cutie? :-)
(opener) SURPRISE!
(opener) Knock knock...
(opener) How's my favorite little brat doing? :)
(opener) Ciao bella! / Mi amore! / My cheri amore!
(opener) I just made you open your phone for no reason...looks like I got you in check =]
(opener) Hey goof, I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend.
(opener) What sort of trouble are you causing?
(opener) I am luring girls to my house with candy, which do you prefer skittles or M&M's?
(opener) Hey..do me a favor and text me right back. Just hi or something. My friends dont believe retards can text. We'll show em lil buddy
(opener) I know my math u+i equals 69
(opener) Girls are gross...
(opener) Hey princess, I Just came back from the aquarium and I saw the cutest fish there...it reminded me of you :P
(opener) I hope you are smiling. If not just think of me!
(opener) Aliens are coming to abduct all the good looking sexy ass people! You will be safe, I'm just texting to say goodbye
(opener) Remember guys tomorrow is "Hug a retard" day...So don't freak out like you did last year, NO ONE IS TRYING TO HURT YOU!
(opener) I miss you and wanna see you, but this dumb security guard won't let me in the zoo. Is there any way you can escape?
(opener) Why'd you have to give your mom my phone number..? She won't quit calling me now..
(opener) Did you know a blue whales tongue weighs as much as an elephant!? That’s ridiculous… Gotta love animal planet during the lunch break…
(for flakes) I just met your twin
(for flakes) I like talking to you and I don't play games. I think we're really good together. Lets try it if not that's cool and I'm glad we met. :)
(push-pull) Out of all the (first name) (last name)'s I know... I think your my favorite.
(push-pull) You just popped into my head so Hi...now please stay out of there
(push-pull) Everytime I see u, I smile. When u walk, I laugh. When u speak, I get excited. For some reason, retarded people amuse the hell out of me!
(for same night) Sweet dreams, sexy. :-) [name]
(for same night) Hey I hope you got home safe. [name]
(attraction) Let's fly to Las Vegas, get married, argue about our third kid's name, divorce, and grow old lonely and depressed
(attraction) I don't know who you're boyfriend is...but he's not spanking you enough!
(attraction) I don't think you're ready for this jelly
(attraction) Awww, you're so sweet. You're making me get diabetes.
(attraction) I just don't think we should do this anymore...Sometimes you make me feel like I am just a piece of meat.
(comfort) I was thinking of you...
(comfort) Something about u seems to always make me smile. :)

"for what?" "what did i do?" "why?"
"i was just thinking of u. congratulations =)"

"Who is this?"
[girls name]
"I know...I'm just being an ass :)"
i use the mexican girl and the i just saw your twin opener all the fucking time. they are IMO the best. but it fits my cocky funny personality :D

Author:  sdmuzik1010 [ Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:45 pm ]
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You can opinion open her into a routine by sparking her interest.
Whats interesting to a guy is ,for the most part, not interesting to a girl. Girls are interested by soap opera shit when Jon marries Julie but Jons having an affair with Julies best friend who just got pregnant and shes not sure whose the dad. Shit like that.
Something off the top I havent used but feel free to try it or make your own.

You: Who the hell do you think you are? Karmas gonna catch up with you for doing that!
Her: What!?
You: Oh whoops, I meant to send that to a different "HB Name". My brothers girlfriend keyed his car cuz she went through his phone and found out he text another girl "goodnight" crazy right
Her: Blah blah blah
You: Maybe it's something about girls named "HB Name" thats trouble ;)

Author:  panistefanin [ Fri Jul 06, 2018 1:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re:

Thank you for your work on the blog! You're doing a good job!

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